Friday, September 22, 2006

How to Finish Your Holiday Shopping in One Day -

How to Finish Your Holiday Shopping in One Day -

You'll be amazed at how much easier your holiday shopping is when you prepare properly.
1. Make a list of everyone you want to buy a present for.
2. Decide how much you want to spend on each person, and write that amount next to the recipient's name.
3. Go to a mall or neighborhood that has several stores where you know you like to shop.
4. Shop during a less crowded time, such as a weekday lunch or evening.
5. Make a hard and fast rule that when you find a gift for someone, you will buy it and then cross that name off your list. After that, you will not think about that person's gift again or play the "Oh shoot! That would be even better for Mary. Maybe I'll buy this instead and return the other thing I got her" game.
6. Take advantage of free store gift wrapping only if the store isn't crowded and there is a separate person wrapping gifts. It can take longer to get your gift wrapped than to pick it out and purchase it.
Consider shopping online, if you still have enough time. You'll avoid hassles like traffic and crowds, and you won't be limited to stores in a given neighborhood or mall.
Walking around the entire mall to see what each store has before you start shopping may allow you to find the perfect gift, but it'll also take twice as long. Managing your time is important.
Wear comfortable shoes and eat before you go; hunger will make you slower and cranky.

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